My Vid Grade

HA!!!! I got a perfect score for my Video Montage below!!! YEAAAAAAAAA!!! That's an 'A', folks! This was my second attempt at a vid for this Class. I had a great time putting it all together. Took some work, but the end result was great!

I will post my first Vid, a sort of Product Review. It's a little weird & awkward because it was my first time ever in doing this sort of thing. Nevertheless, it was one of those used in Class as a fairly good example of work.

For those who were highly critical & implied wicked & bad motives to my works - hey! I'm really proud of what I've done! And apparently, so was my Professor (a professional Videographer & multimedia guru) and many others who simply appreciate the artform for what it is - multimedia Class room Production/Project, nothing more. Yea, me!!

Boo! stupid, unreasonable critics-!


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