Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Biz Card Design

I always enjoy getting others' Business Cards, carefully examining the layout, design and color scheme. You can tell when a truly good Artist did the work. I love collecting them. I make new ones every other year; they're usually too complicated and detailed. So I am trying for simplicity (my 'simplicity' still seems too complicated for most), but still have flare. Hope this works out. Opinions?

Original Mechs

I did this one up as a combined layout of three individual pics. It was a task to make them look similar, yet as individuals, in design and function.

I displayed this as a huge poster at the Campus Student Exhibition Friday. It was loved by quite a few; the question of color is always brought up. I plan to do that later after I complete the semester. I do love this effort, and hope you do as well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dragon-Warrior Mech

When I'm inspired, I do complicated art. I make it so detailed that it would be a pain to redo, even once more. Here is one I'm proud of (and adding color much later). A dragon-like, samurai look with Gundam touches; add the fantasy touches and you have this masterpiece (I call it...!).

Others are trying to do this in color and maybe even 3D. I feel for them. It will ba a while before that happens. Enjoy!

Retro-Fun Shirts

Did this one as a theme for an element - promethium, a silver-white, burning metal - and combined retro skate-boarding concepts with cosmic, techno-gigs, and came up with this for a class assignment! Kinda fun doing it, but had plenty of probs using Ai on it; found out it was the Ai for my old iBook, not the Intel-based MAC I have now. And there were probs all across the board. Got better when I switched up.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Class Ad Project

I have an absolute love for Vocal Trance/Trance/Techno music! And my favorite DJ and Composer is the internationally-renowned Armin Van Buuren. We had an assignment to do an Ad combining our fav Artist and chaacteristics of their style with our fav artist' styles, which is the Gundam Mech designer Hajime Katoki. So I came up with this. It was a task, but fun to put together nonetheless.

Havin' Fun

I did this for some beloved relatives originally in pencil, pen and markers. I had fun doing it, as did my beloved relatives. I always enjoyed Cartoon Network when they had Shows like 'PowerPuff Girls' and 'Samurai Jack' on it. I actually miss those a bit.

I made a few changes when I did it up in Illustrator and Photoshop, like adding gradients. I hope to put more in here soon.

Space Warriors

I did this about 2003 or so. But I have always liked it and may even add color. Until then, enjoy the sight.

Little Mechas

Hello-hello-hello! This will be where I will post a number of my art pieces. It will quickly become obvious to all that I am a strong Anime/Manga and Japanese-Mecha Fan. So, please, enjoy the works.

(And please try not to steal or copy the Images. Thanks.)

In this one, these are based off of S(uper-)D(eformed) Gundams; I like to exaggerate in my designs. Look for more to come!