Final Project

Here is my latest works from my Storyboard Class. We had to do all the creation & panels for some old story of a creepy couple that ate little bad children. One of my panels is f the guy, with the little boy under the couch, waiting impatiently for the water to boil to put the boy in so as to eat when done. (like I said - creepy). So, I did this up from my pencils in Illustrator, and finally, in Photoshop CS4.

I am pretty proud of the effort; I may add more touches to it just for grins. But I need to let things go & move on to my other homework.

Hope it makes you feel a little uncomfortable; it's supposed to. (not something I enjoy doing though)


  1. I like the style treatment of this, it's very Anime (strong shadow, thin linework, mostly muted color).
    On the practical side, it would definitely work as an animation production.


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